• Assistance in closing cases on administrative violations: in release from liability, cancellation of decisions of government agencies on the imposition of fines, deprivation of a driver's license
  • Supporting cases on administrative offenses in state bodies and in court
  • Assistance in the cancellation of decisions of public authorities and the recognition of their actions as illegal
  • Assistance in the cancellation of the results of inspections of state bodies, cancellation of penalties, sanctions and prohibitions
  • Protection from state control and supervision bodies
  • Supporting cases in state bodies and in court
  • Assistance in closing criminal cases and exempting from criminal liability
  • Assistance in opening criminal cases and bringing perpetrators to criminal liability on the verdict of the court
  • Protection from law enforcement agencies (police abuse)
  • Supporting criminal cases with the investigator and in court
  • Assistance in the adjudication of courts on the satisfaction of lawsuits or on the refusal of a lawsuit
  • Assistance in the appellate and cassation review of "unprofitable" court decisions, their cancellation and making the necessary decisions
  • Collection of evidence and case management in court
  • Help in solving:
    - housing disputes,
    - family disputes,
    - insurance disputes,
    - hereditary disputes,
    - labor disputes,
    - consumer disputes, banking, credit and mortgage disputes,
    - legalization of real estate and land,
    - recovery of damage and compensation,
    - enforcement of obligations
  • Providing an alibi
  • Identifying adultery
  • Return of the spouse to the family
  • Checking information about the future bridegroom / bride
  • Assistance to parents in the supervision of children
  • Verification of personnel (implementation of an employee)
  • Protection of reputation. Creating an image
  • Checking someone else's alibi
  • Temporary dad, girlfriend, groom, child
  • Original declaration of love
  • Painless termination of relations between couple / spouses
  • Alibi for the unemployed
  • Creating the appearance of welfare or, conversely, extreme poverty of the client
  • Polygraph (lie detector)

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