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365 days a year

We work on solving problems 365 days a year and achieve maximum results.

We make the complex

We make the complex simple with the least cost to the client

Anywhere in the country

We solve tasks anywhere in the country

Individual approach

Individual and creative approach to each client, because you win - we win

We earn thanks to the law

We earn thanks to the law, but we do not play with the fate of the client

Our team:

At least


hours a year


lawyers and attorneys of the Alibi Law Firm spend to resolve 1 case

More than


hours per year


our attorneys and lawyers hold in court





documents per year are processed by our lawyers to protect clients

From 100 thousand to 1 million


letters of the law uses Alibi law firm to win only one client

2 times more


UK ALIBI devotes time to its customers.

Therefore, customers are part of the family ALIBI Law Firm!

More than


human destinies


depend on the correctness of decisions made by lawyers and lawyers of the Alibi law firm

from 15 to 30


million UAH owned by the clients of SK ALIBI, we protect from opponents during the year

At least 5 trees


per year retains UK Alibi using electronic document management

Answer the lawlessness of law.
You win - we win!


Today, using the services of a family lawyer or a good professional lawyer is no longer a luxury, but often a necessity. Lawlessness occurs in all spheres of our life, which we encounter every day, from unscrupulous sellers in the market to public authorities. This is especially true for people who are involved in the conduct of their own business, various firms and enterprises. And we answer this lawlessness law!

A lawyer is almost the only professional on whom the civil rights and freedoms in the society depend, the development of the state creation processes. Before independence, there were only 5 higher educational establishments preparing lawyers for Ukraine, both for our state and for other countries. It is known that the need for them with the development of democratic, market institutions of the state increases. But again the question arises about the preparation, about that reasonable limit between quantity and quality, which is undesirable to pass. In Ukraine, almost 300 (!) Faculties and universities issue a diploma of legal education. This is almost as much as in all the countries of Europe combined. Today in Britain about 100 universities, in France - about 80, in Italy - about 60, in Poland - 11, and in Ukraine - 904 (!), Out of them 288 (!) Are taught by future lawyers.

About us

In 2010, about 22 thousand students studied at the Kharkov Law Academy. Today, about 14 thousand students study. If we calculate the number of graduates of Kharkov University during the independence of our state, then the figure is close to 100,000 and this is only one Kharkov university. And how many lawyers have other universities of Kharkiv issued that have the specialty right in their schedule? And that's why before every person who decided to apply for legal assistance in Kharkov will be the question: how to choose a good specialist, so that the problem that has arisen is not expensive and qualitatively solved.

At the moment, the legal services market is rather widely developed not only in Kharkiv and the region, but also in Ukraine as a whole. In advertising newspapers and the Internet, a huge number of proposals from lawyers, lawyers, various law firms and companies. How to make the right choice and find the right specialist who will perform the job competently and high-quality, will be able to give guarantees of the result, is fully responsible to the customer, is always ready to answer any questions on the problem that has arisen. After all, the customer trusts the lawyer not only the solution of a specific task, but also to some extent his financial well-being in the future. And of course, none of us really want to get to those who are not able to do their job, and in some cases because of lack of qualifications and irresponsible attitude can further damage the cause. This is the main and not the only difference between our law firm and other so-called "professionals". We provide only high-quality services. And our prices are quite acceptable.

There is an excellent anecdote on the legal theme:
"Two lawyers are talking, father and son:
Son: Dad, I won a process that you could not finish 20 years.
Father: Congratulations, son, you left our family without a client who fed us 20 years. "

This anecdote is old as the world. But, as is known, in every joke there is a grain of truth. Lawyers and lawyers who, while providing you with "services", have not yet extinctly deliberately dragged the process just to get more money. In every profession there are grief-specialists and jurisprudence, without exception, because there are many freely practicing lawyers, firms and companies. What is the difference between a law firm and a company you can find here. And you can avoid this in many ways. One of them, the material interest of the lawyer in the fastest and most qualitative examination of the case. This can be done, for example, by entering into a "turnkey" contract with payment upon completion of work. The sooner you get your money or solve problems, the sooner your lawyer gets a fee. Thus you will save yourself from the sluggish current processes, and constant costs and motivate the lawyer to get a positive result. Alibi Law Firm is a synonym of experienced lawyers, competent and non-standard approach to any problem you have for its guaranteed permission. You win - we win!

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