It applies only to one specific individual, indicated by the client in the form of consultations, written legal position, preparation of claims, appeals, appeals.

    Subject to a one-time order by this client one legal service in the amount of 10 000 UAH. and more

    Under the cancellation is meant the filing of an application to cancel a court order, which in case of non-compliance with the law can be canceled by the court

    Provided that the salary of a full-time lawyer exceeds 10 000 UAH.

    The offer does not apply to the city of Kiev and the city of Kharkov

    Payment is made in the case of watching one commercial by at least 50 000 people on the YouTube channel

    The decision not in favor of the client means the decision of the ECtHR or international commercial arbitration

    Subject to court satisfaction of the client’s claim

    It is a share of legal services. Not an advertisement for drugs, medical equipment, methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation

    Provided a one-time payment of 9 months of subscription legal services

    The promotion does not apply to Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region.
    If the court makes a decision to revoke a driver’s license, we return to the client the fee of the law firm for back in the amount of 1500 UAH

    The validity period of the shares is from 01.07.19 to 31.12.19. Shares may be continued or terminated early. The price of these legal services before the start of the action was not less than 10 000 UAH. Details of shares by phone +38 (067) 13 05 666.

The organizer of the shares is LEGAL COMPANY "ALIBI". Shares operate throughout Ukraine, with the exception of the territories in which the state power of the Ukrainian government is temporarily absent. Photos and images are purely aesthetic and humorous. The above information is indicated as a subjective opinion of the organizer of the action. In addition to the above cost of legal services, lawyer services, lawyer services, the client additionally pays a court fee, expenses for mail, etc. if necessary.

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