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Legal services in Poland

Do you want to open and register a company in another country, but do not know where to do it? We invite you to take advantage of all the advantages of doing business in the territory of an economically stable country, Poland.

Why exactly Poland?

First of all, Poland is the leader among the EU countries in terms of economy, a country with excellent bilateral trade performance and high GDP growth. The key to a successful business is also the well-developed infrastructure of the country and the optimal level of taxation.

Benefits of doing business in Poland

First of all, you will be able to expand the possibilities of your business, if you already have one, and you will also have access to free duty-free trade with the EU countries. Moreover, if you are actively doing business in Poland, you will receive a permanent residence permit (residence permit).

Legal services of LAW COMPANY "ALIBI"

You can open an LLC in Poland on your own, but you will need a lot of time to study all the legal aspects. The language of jurisprudence is quite confusing, and insufficient knowledge of legal terminology can get in the way. In general, the process of creating and registering an LLC in Poland is long and troublesome, therefore, in order to avoid difficulties and save time, we recommend contacting professionals who know exactly the algorithm of actions and have extensive experience.

ALIBI LAW COMPANY offers you the organization, registration and support of your business in Poland, and also provides the services of a Polish lawyer who is fluent in Russian.

The cost of registering a company in Poland is from 1500 EUR

Business in Poland

Purchase of a company from 2500 EUR + translation of documents is additionally paid (approximately 100 €).

Buying a business in Poland

ALIBI LAW COMPANY will also help you in drafting contracts and settling legal disputes between co-founders.


  • Предоставляет вам полный спектр польских юридических услуг для сопровождения вашего бизнеса в Польше.
  • Сэкономит ваше время и поможет быстро и эффективно наладить отношения между компаниями Польши и Украины.
  • Услуги, предоставленные в Польше, можно оплатить в Украине.
  • Минимум затрат на организацию и регистрацию фирмы в Польше.

Contact us and get more information about Polish legal services LAW COMPANY "ALIBI"

Accounting services in Poland

Proper accounting of a company in Poland is the key to your success. An important professional approach to the accounting services of a company, especially if it is registered in another country.

It is better to contact a specialist who has the necessary knowledge and experience in accounting in Poland, as well as is familiar with all the intricacies of Polish legislation.

ALIBI LAW COMPANY is an experienced and successful accounting firm providing comprehensive accounting services to companies in Poland. ALIBI LAW COMPANY offers the services of a Ukrainian-speaking accountant in Poland, who will provide accounting support for all operations of your company. Moreover, you can sign an agreement for accounting services even in Ukraine.

The tax system in Poland differs from the Ukrainian one in greater stability and requires less time for compiling accounting reports. The advantage of online accounting is the absence of abrupt and unreasonable changes in tax legislation. Despite this, for a foreigner, at the beginning of his activity, for proper accounting and legal reporting, as a rule, the help of professionals is needed.

Accounting services in Poland include:

  • Complete accounting service using leading accounting software.
  • Maintaining the tax book of income and expenses.
  • Complete accounting for LLC (trading book keeping).
  • Firm audit.
  • Preparation of monthly and annual returns, as well as annual financial statements.
  • Your representation in the tax authorities.
  • Preparation of tax returns for legal entities and individuals.
  • Preparing and submitting PIT, CIT, VAT (VAT), ZUS, PFRON, GUS, NBP declarations to the tax office.
  • Payroll and payroll
  • Preparation of annual and interim financial statements.
  • Accounting for import-export operations (WNT and WDT).

Additionally, we offer processing of primary documentation:

  • invoice preparation
  • bank payment preparation
  • processing of primary accounting documents for settlements with suppliers
  • HR administration
  • Warehouse documentation

Benefits of an accountant from the law firm "Alibi"

  • Communication with the client in Russian or Ukrainian.
  • Accounting does not require your presence in Poland.
  • Possibility to pay for services in UAH.
  • The opportunity to attend free seminars and webinars on accounting services in Poland, which will greatly help the development of your company.

By providing the opportunity to keep accounting for your company, you, first of all, will save your strength and finances.

ALIBI LAW COMPANY has all the necessary permissions to work with accounting and will be happy to help you with customs registration in the EORI database and in obtaining a VAT number.

The cost of the services provided is affected by the number of employees and the number of payments made, as well as the type of activity - trade, production, etc. The cost of tax and accounting services depends on the number of transactions made by the company during the reporting period, which may include:

  • issued and received invoices;
  • Export-import operations.

The services of an accountant from ALIBI will help your company to competently keep accounting in Poland and submit reports on time. If necessary, auditors can be provided.

Tariffs for accounting services in Poland

Up to 10 entries –

600,00 zloty PLN PL / 122.86 EUR EU

Up to 20 entries –

720,00 zloty PLN PL / 147.43 EUR EU

Up to 30 entries –

900,00 zloty PLN PL / 184.29 EUR EU

Up to 50 entries –

1150,00 zloty PLN PL / 235.48 EUR EU

Up to 70 entries –

1600,00 zloty PLN PL / 327.63 EUR EU

Up to 100 entries –

2050,00 zloty PLN PL / 419.78 EUR EU

Up to 130 entries –

2400,00 zloty PLN PL / 491.45 EUR EU

Presentation of company reports with zero turnover -

1200 zloty PLN PL / 245.70 EUR EU (per year)

Submission of annual accounts of a company that did not carry out activities -

до 1200 zloty PLN PL / 245.70 EUR EU (per year)

Employee Registration -

80 zloty PLN PL / 16.38 EUR EU (one time)

Personnel support -

60-80 zloty PLN PL / 12.28-16.38 EUR EU (per month)

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