The copyright on this site, including social networks FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE its domain and content is protected by applicable law. All rights to this site (including personal page, including groups in social networks FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE links to which are indicated on this site) belong to ALIBI Law Company.

The legal company "ALIBI" owns the following personal non-property rights:

1) to require the recognition of his authorship by properly indicating the author's name on the work and its copies and in any public use of the work; 
2) to demand the preservation of the integrity of the work and to resist any distortion, distortion or other modification of the work or any other encroachment on the work that may damage the honor and reputation of the author.

The law firm "ALIBI" owns the following property rights:

  1. a) the exclusive right to use the work; 
    b) the exclusive right to authorize or prohibit the use of the work by others.
  2. The exclusive right to use the work by the author allows him to use the work in any form and in any way.
  3. The exclusive right of the author (or other person with copyright) to authorize or prohibit the use of the work by other persons gives him the right to authorize or prohibit:

1) reproduction of works; 
2) public performance and public notification of works; 
3) public demonstration and public display; 
4) any re-publication of works if it is carried out by another organization than the one that carried out the first publication; 
5) translations of works; 
6) processing, adaptation, arrangement and other similar changes of works; 
7) inclusion of works as component parts in collections, anthologies, encyclopedias, etc .; 
8) distribution of works through the first sale, alienation in another way or by surrendering to property rent or hire and by another transfer before the first sale of copies of the work; 
9) bringing their works to the public of the public in such a way that its representatives can access the works from any place and at any time at their own choice; 
10) surrender to property lease and / or commercial rental after the first sale, alienation in another way of the original or copies of audiovisual works, computer programs, databases, musical compositions in music notation, as well as works recorded in a phonogram or video gram or in the form , which the computer reads; 
11) import of copies of works.

This list is not exhaustive.

ALIBI Law Firm has the right to demand payment of a fee for any use of the work. The fee may be in the form of a lump sum payment, or deductions for each sold copy or each use of the work (royalty), or combined payments. The amount and procedure for payment of royalties for the creation and use of the work are established in the author's contract.

This site uses the following (including personal page, including groups in social networks FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE links to which are indicated on this site):

a) news of the day or current events 
b) works of folk art (folklore); 
c) official documents of political, legislative, administrative nature (laws, decrees, decisions, judgments, state standards, etc.) issued by public authorities within their authority and their official translations; 
d) state symbols, state awards; symbols and signs of public authorities, the Armed Forces and other military formations; symbols of territorial communities; symbols and signs of enterprises, institutions and organizations; 
e) banknotes; 
(e) Vehicle timetables, broadcast schedules, telephone directories and other similar databases that do not meet the criteria for originality and are subject to the right of sui-generis (peculiar right, special kind of right). 
g) works transferred to the public domain; 
g) works reproduced for personal purposes 
h) copies of the work reproduced for training; 
i) reproduction of excerpts from published written works, audiovisual works as illustrations for teaching, provided that the amount of such reproduction corresponds to the specified goal; 
i) reprographic reproduction by educational institutions for classrooms of published articles and other small works of art, as well as excerpts from written works, with or without illustrations, provided (the amount of such reproduction corresponds to the stated goal, reproduction of the work is a single case and not systematic) ; 
j) works indicating the author's name and source of borrowing (use of quotations (short passages) from published works in a volume justified by the goal in view, including quoting articles from newspapers and magazines in the form of press reviews if it is due to critical, polemical, scientific or the information character of the work in which the quotes are included, the free use of quotations in the form of short excerpts from speeches and works included in a phonogram (videogram) or a broadcast program, literary and artistic works in the amount justified by the goal in view as illustrations in publications, broadcasts, sound recordings or video recordings of educational nature, reproduction in the press, public execution or public notification of articles published earlier in newspapers or magazines on current economic, political, religious and social issues or publicly notified works of the same nature in cases where such reproduction, public notice or other public information ix specially prohibited by the author; reproduction to highlight current events by means of photography or cinematography, public notification or communication of works seen or heard during such events, to the extent justified by the information purpose; reproduction in the catalogs of works exhibited at publicly accessible exhibitions, auctions, fairs or in collections for the coverage of specified events, without the use of these catalogs for commercial purposes; public performance of musical works during official and religious ceremonies, to the extent justified by the nature of such ceremonies; reproduction for informational purposes in newspapers and other periodicals, broadcast or other public announcement of public speeches, addresses, reports and other similar works to the extent justified by the goal; 
k) copies of a legally published work that has been lawfully introduced into civil circulation by first selling it in Ukraine, with its re-introduction into circulation through sale, gift, etc.

It is necessary to know that a visit to this site (including a personal page, including groups in social networks FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE links to which are indicated on this site) by any person automatically implies acquaintance and full consent to the content of this site and copyright rights to him Law Firm "ALIBI". Legal company "ALIBI" is not responsible for not familiarizing with this information the visitor of the site.

By visiting the site (including your personal page, including groups in social networks FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE links to which are indicated on this site), individuals agree to the free use of their names, names and other personal data by ALIBI Law Firm , including for advertising purposes and that their data can be used in the future without any time restrictions. At the same time, all copyrights to these materials are fully owned by ALIBI Law Firm.

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