Gas counters. Consumers cost costs.

Gas counters. Consumers compensate for the costs.


The population must provide individual gas meters for three years

Today, on January 19, Law No. 2260-VIII "On Amendments to the Law on Providing Commercial Accounting for Natural Gas" on the procedure for setting meters to natural gas consumers came into force. "

Until January 1, 2021, the introduction of commercial gas accounting was postponed for the population living in apartments and private houses where natural gas is used only for cooking.

At the same time, economic entities that distribute natural gas in the relevant territory are obliged to equip the population with individual gas meters. The general house gas meter can be installed only with the consent of the co-owners of the apartment building. Even if consent is not granted, it is forbidden to stop distributing gas. It is forbidden to allocate money for installing meters from local budgets.

Household consumers can independently install individual meters. These expenses are compensated to them at the expense of the funds paid by them at the tariff for the distribution of natural gas. The procedure and amount of compensation will be set by the Cabinet.

For those who install meters in 2018, compensation will be made within 12 months.