Legal analysis. Legal audit (legal due diligence)

Do you need to evaluate the company's activities in accordance with the laws of Ukraine? Are you unsure and doubt whether you are doing the right thing? Do you need a legal analysis of internal business documents ?! Do you want to acquire an enterprise or have thought about merging enterprises and you need a legal assessment of the investment object and an assessment of all possible risks? Need help, quality check, fresh look? It is not necessary to be scattered on all spheres of activity, but you need to look for a competent approach and competent specialist, because your independent actions can lead to risks and wrongly prioritized priorities. Why should you risk losing time and money without achieving the result? We developed a comprehensive program and gathered specialists not only in various areas of law, but also competent financiers. Due to our verification you will gain confidence in the legal correctness of your company's activities and your actions without undue financial risks.

Legal audit - carrying out of the complex legal analysis of economic activity of your enterprise or separate areas of its activity. It also includes the verification of specific documents or transactions. Audit is the only and most objective source of information on the activities of an enterprise, the main purpose of which is confidence in the absence of errors, defects, inaccuracies in the documentation, elimination and minimization of costs and other negative consequences for the enterprise, identifying the previous danger of obtaining losses of the company. Conducting legal audit contributes to the legal improvement of activities and the formation of the corporate order.

The law firm "Alibi" will conduct a legal audit, will answer all questions about the activities of your company:

Expert evaluation of constituent and other corporate documents of the organization, as well as recommendations on making changes to existing documents taking into account the interests of the client;

Comprehensive analysis of contracts and contractual risks (available and that may arise), for each contract, a plan of problem points is drawn up, which it is not desirable to use in further work with contracts, analysis of document circulation, legal assessment of documents of suppliers and counterparties, development of strategies for the performance of contractual obligations;

The analysis of debts, preparation of recommendations concerning necessary actions for each of debtors.

Examination of documents originating from counterparties and state bodies.

Investigation of assets. Examination of all financial information, sources of financing and distribution, requirements for counterparties, possible claims and tax liabilities;

Analysis of real estate;

Analysis and movement of personnel in the enterprise, as well as analysis in the field of labor protection;

Identification of the causes of loss of activities;

Legal assessment of the actions of management personnel. Establishment of cause-effect relationships between them and the economic situation of the enterprise;

How we are working:

Receipt of technical requirements from the Client in writing;

Harmonization of the volume and cost of the service;

Conclusion of a contract for the provision of legal assistance and commercial confidentiality agreements;

Payment of advance payment;

Departure of a specialist (group of lawyers, financiers) to the client, conducting an audit;

Preparation of a written opinion in which, based on the results of the audit, recommendations may be made to eliminate violations, or alternative ways to achieve an enterprise's commercial goal - instead of those ways of achieving it that are illegal or risky;

After the preparation of the legal opinion, the specialists of the Alibi Legal Company will carry out a set of actions to eliminate the identified violations and neutralize the risks, develop draft contracts and documents, propose actions for the sale and purchase of assets, carry out the necessary set of actions in law enforcement agencies, state authorities, provide protection in courts of all instances.

Provision of an act of work performed and calculation.

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