NABU summarized the most "popular" crimes in the social sphere



Over 90% of the losses caused by the state and detected by the detectives of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine during investigations of corruption criminal offenses in the social sphere are related to crimes in the field of public health.

According to the investigation, most often it is a question of corruption schemes based on the abuse of official positions by officials with the purpose of appropriating or squandering property. This is reported on the site NAABU.

For example, such facts were established by detectives in the purchase of ambulance cars for the needs of the Zaporizhzhya Oblast Clinical Hospital at the expense of a subvention from the state budget. As the investigation subsequently established, the completion of 26 purchased cars did not meet the requirements of Ukraine's standards, and their operation for their intended purpose was impossible. As a result, the state suffered damage for a total of UAH 13 million. The investigation into this case is completed: in early March 2018, the indictment against three persons likely involved in the implementation of the corrupt scheme (including the head physician of the hospital), according to the investigation, was sent to the court.

"As part of the investigation of another case - in connection with the acquisition of budget funds in an especially large amount in the construction of the new building of Okhmatdet in 2011-2012 - the detectives of NABU have located the unique radiological equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients who, at one time was purchased at the expense of the state budget and should be installed in the National Children's Specialized Hospital "Ohmadet". According to the investigation, then the state enterprise Ukrmedproektbud (customer of construction of the new building of the new building of the Okhmadet VATB) purchased equipment from a private enterprise, overpaying for it more than 23 million UAH (its market value at that time was about 12 million UAH). The equipment was not installed and subsequently it was "lost". Having found the equipment and giving it the status of material evidence, NABU and SAP have nevertheless given permission for using it, given the importance in the medical process. Investigation in this criminal proceeding continues, "the press service of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine reports.



Another "popular" type of crime in the social sphere is - offering or receiving undue benefits. Thus, for example, the detectives of NABU have twice exposed the leaders of higher educational institutions. In particular, the rector of the Berdyansk University of Management and Business expressed a proposal to give undue advantage to the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine for the positive "solution of the issue" about the receipt of specialties by the university based on the results of the accreditation examination. Another leader claimed UAH 5 million and an additional US $ 50,000 for further non-disclosure of obstacles to the reinstatement of former employees of the university by decision of the court and the signing of orders for their appointment. August 26, 2016, through an intermediary, he received a part of the amount of about 3 million USD (100 thousand euros) for signing the order to reinstate one of the professors in NAU.

The fate of the two heads of higher educational institutions should be decided by the ministers of Themis: the indictments are sent to court.

Also in 2017, the detectives of NABU began to investigate the fact of offering an undue benefit to the acting. Minister of Health. The investigation into these facts continues.