Results of the black friends

Results of Black Friday: stores refuse to accept the goods back


Buyers tried to buy goods in bulk, then to resell, and sellers worked overtime and did not have time to update the database


Ukrainian stores summed up the first results of sales on Black Friday. Sellers state that Ukrainians are very discounted. The current action was different from last year's high involvement of buyers, which, however, was predictable. After all, the excitement around the world of shopping madness fanned the serious: people were preparing, saving money to spend it on that day.



Was it real to save


"Partners from Google at the beginning of the year warned that the demand will grow not by interest, but at times - it happened," Yevgeny Rezuyev, Marketing Director of Allo Group, said in a conversation.

A high excitement was confirmed to us by other retailers. According to Aleksey Tikhonov, director of marketing at the electronics company, the average check increased by 70% compared to last year. Also, the number of requests for loan proposals increased.

"In connection with the growth of the dollar compared with last year, this is natural. In 2016 there was also a large number of assortments in the low price segment. This year, the positions were taken from the middle price segment, "Tikhonov added.

Good sales figures were also affected by the fact that many sellers decided to sell not only directly on Friday, as it was a year earlier, but stretched the stock for several days. In addition, those who sold the goods a year ago with discounts only offline, in the current arranged sales and through online stores.

And someone and at all decided to get rid of all the available goods for the renewal of the assortment. This allowed not only to make customers happy with a discount, but also to offer prices for some products below the purchasing price. Some even decided to follow another American tradition and extended the promotional days until Monday, calling it Cyber Monday.

As the pr-manager Sergey Koloskov told us, TVs were among the most popular products, in particular, the 49-inch Samsung model was leaving as "hot pies" because of a solid discount. High demand was also recorded on the Sony Playstation, as well as the Beats wireless headphones.

Undisputed leaders also became smartphones Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi. Not bad sold tablets and computer peripherals. There were also sales of unique laptops for Ukraine, which were sold at 40-50% below market prices.

"Sales of headphones, smart watches, household appliances grew very well. TOP-3 brands in money: Xiaomi, iPhone, Samsung. On the iPhone 8, we even encountered an attempt to buy from us in bulk. The maximum request was 80 pieces in one hand, "- said Evgeny Rezuyev.

According to the sellers, the majority of popular positions ended in the first three hours after the start of sales: all the promotional goods just did not have enough.

"The most popular commodity groups were electronics and household appliances. But I was pleasantly surprised by the demand for sports nutrition. In general, during the sale days the number of visitors to our site has grown at times. Probably not all were satisfied, as the number of offers at the promotional price was extremely limited: here, of course, who did not have time, he was late, "- said Managing Partner" That Store "Dmitry Pokotilo

Uggs against gadgets


Ukrainians did not stint on clothes with shoes. As the head of the marketplace Alexander Roenko told, compared to the usual November Friday of last year, on Black Friday the number of visitors, purchases and the amount of money spent doubled.

"The average check on a black Friday was above the annual on 115 UAH. On this day, he reached a record for the project figure - 340 UAH. The reason is that in the top 5 bought during the sale of goods included fur coats and down jackets - the most expensive items on the market. Fur coats, for example, cost an average of 5500 UAH. That's why the average check jumped, "Royenko told us.

Ukrainians bought seasonal and festive things: dresses (Only, Mohito, Zara), down jackets (Mohito, Pull & Bear, Only), bags (H & M, Pull & Bear, Atmosphere), sweaters (Mexx, Marks & Spencer, H & M), fur coats and boots (Zara, Dr. Martens, Mango).

According to marketplace, dresses on average cost Ukrainians on Black Friday at 195 UAH. (price range - from 10 to 900 UAH.), down jackets - 750 UAH. (from 99 to 2500 UAH.), bags - in 270 UAH. (from 50 to 1200 UAH). It is important to consider that 2/3 of the sellers at are private individuals and sell things from their wardrobes.

The number of orders for Black Friday this year exceeded expectations and other sellers. According to the marketing director of the shopping club LeBoutique, Julia Shilova, compared with last year's sales, the number of orders this year has increased by 50%, and the number of customers - by 32%. Peak activity on orders fell at 21:00 on November 24.



Do not want to return the warranty


Some outlets did not have time to serve the flow of customers. The stores were filled with customers until the closing at 22:00. Also in online stores there was a large flow of orders. To process all orders managers had to stay after the end of the working day.

There were sales and without excesses. For example, small problems were due to the fact that some goods were bought up so quickly that the availability information did not have time to update on the site. Because of this, call-centers of shops had to ring up buyers and offer them an alternative instead of the ordered goods, which was no longer available.

But there were more serious troubles. As told director of the Union of Ukrainian consumers Maxim Nesmiyanov, many of the shops they checked refused to return the purchased stock, arguing that it was allegedly not covered by the guarantee. In addition, very often shops issue invalid checks to buyers, for which it is very difficult to prove the fact of purchase.

"They mostly sin out Internet shops: they do not put their stamps on the device's passport, give checks without specifying the requisites, sell the goods on behalf of FOPs, which simply, they say, act as intermediaries in delivery, etc. Do not even want to take the goods under warranty. For example, when buying two goods, getting a third one for the stock - a guarantee and the possibility of exchange extends to all three positions in the check. People do not know this, but sellers use it. Or do not say that you can return some goods not only for two weeks, but for a month or two, "said Nesmiyanov.


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