The raders have found the long-term scheme for the departure of houses and earth

Claims to Demand


The scheme is different from the classic fraudulent operations, when the raiders are aimed at quick profit. This time to implement their plans, they are ready to wait more than one year. This fishery originates from 2006-2008. Then the real estate market flourished, and the land was bought cheaply by hectares all over the country. At the same time, allotments were issued for different people, usually married.

After the divorce, the land went to one of the spouses, who during 2009-2013. quite legally it was resold to unsuspecting buyers. The plots were sold for 6-30 sq.m., on which the buyers then built their homes.

Scammers became active only now. In 2017-2018 years. on legitimate buyers, mass suits fell from divorced spouses (those that were supposedly left with nothing), with a demand to return the plots. And, together with the houses. Help scammers well-savvy lawyers. And the worst thing is that the courts are on the side of scammers.

And already there are first precedents. In 2016-2017 years. in the Makarov District Court of the Kiev region in the village of Berezovka residents tried to defend dozens of their homes. And the geography of such cases continues to expand. Now under the impact of the raiders was also Borodyansky district - consideration of a similar case will be held on January 30 this year.



Selling judges


The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the buyers are compensated at best only by the cost of the land - for the houses built or repairs made in them (if the "box" was bought without finishing), it is impossible to return the money. In addition, the value of the property is indicated in the contract in UAH, which is now heavily depreciated, and it is possible to refund only the funds specified in the contract of sale.

According to lawyers and realtors, it is very difficult to turn such a fraudulent adventure without involving the bodies of the judiciary. And intruders are targeted mainly at non-expensive real estate. "These schemes are more concerned with expensive commercial real estate or whole businesses where real estate is used. Very often suffer from the hands of legal entities, since the protection of corporate rights is even more problematic in our conditions. It can be noted that epidemics of seizures are not observed, especially private property (residential) natural persons.

It is usually easier to scroll through such a scheme in small towns, where it is easier to "negotiate" with the judges, lawyers say. In favor of the fact that scammers act in conjunction with corrupt officials of Themis, says that the fact that it is legally impossible to seize property in 4-5 years is legal. The fact that scammers are pressing on the right of joint property of spouses, acquired in marriage. And such cases are subject to the statute of limitations.

In these cases, all property was diverted to only one of the spouses. By law, this is possible only when the property was purchased for personal funds of one of them. In addition, under the division of property, the statute of limitations - 3 years after the termination of marital relations - has been missed.



Call for vigilance


To protect yourself against such fraudulent schemes, when buying a property, you must always recreate the entire history of alienations or sections of the object, check for encumbrances, ask the seller for documents on his marital status, and notarise the fact of being (absent) in marriage, consent of the other spouse for the conclusion of transactions.

At the same time, it is not necessary to neglect the qualified legal assistance of lawyers or lawyers who can check all information on the real estate object by analyzing real estate registers. It is not superfluous to apply with lawyer requests to the relevant organizations, as well as monitor the register of court decisions for disputes about the object you are interested in.

In the event of such a situation, legal owners should immediately initiate the imposition of arrests within the specified litigation for both the land plot and the building. Such actions, although they will be temporary, but can protect you from alienating property in favor of third parties.