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Robot judge

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Find out the most likely court decision in your case from a robot judge

Send a statement of claim, appeal, cassation and case materials to ALIBI Law Firm.

A special program under the virtual name ROBOT JUDGE on the basis of the established judicial practice of Ukraine, court decisions on similar court cases and current legislation will determine the% probability of satisfying your lawsuit, appeal, cassation or your opponents.

ALIBI Law Firm is not responsible for the result that this program produces. This result cannot be used as consultation, evidence, etc. in a relationship with anyone.


This program was developed with the aim of encouraging technological progress and requesting its legislative settlement at the state level.


We draw attention to the fact that exclusively state courts of Ukraine have the right to administer justice and exclusively decisions of these courts are binding and can be used in the relations of persons.


The law firm ALIBI recommends not playing with your fate and engaging in probability theory with the help of a robot judge. Law firm ALIBI invites you to a professional consultation with a lawyer.

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