Provinding an alibi

Providing an alibi

Your imagination is our embodiment

  • Creating an alibi

Create an alibi

Everyone at least once needed an alibi. For example, in order to secretly relax with his wife relaxing with friends on football? Do you want to get rid of your wife's suspicions of treason? Need excuse at school? Looking for a way to justify yourself at work for absenteeism? Decided to spend a weekend without a family? Please!

Specialists of the law firm "Alibi" make every effort to preserve family relations, save warm friendly relations between friends, save the workplace and assign unreasonable suspicions.

We are developing an individual strategic plan to preserve mutual understanding and happiness in a house in which even the most distrustful person will not doubt. For this we use all the legal tricks, in particular the installation of photographs and videos, which will prove that you were there where necessary. Call from the company, from the police, from the hospital, official invitations to business meetings, banquets, receptions and much more.

Our task in creating an alibi is to change the most desperate situation into an exemplary situation.

  • Identifying Adultery Infidelity

Identifying Adultery Infidelity

Are there suspicions, doubts that the spouse is changing? Do you want to know the truth and not live in ignorance? The law firm "Alibi" in this will help you. We will check your soul mate, we will collect the necessary information about the life of your wife / husband. What will allow to learn whether the spouse is changing or not.

  • Return of the spouse to the family

Spouse's return to the family

Each person is not perfect. Therefore, even the most fortunate families can face difficulties in life, treason, or simply the incompatibility of characters that lead to the collapse of relationships. Often one of the spouses wants to return dear and loved people - the family. But independent actions do not always lead to the expected result and often exacerbate the situation. Interference can be your emotions, pride, accumulated resentment. Our company more than once managed to realize the happy return of wives and husbands to the family. Do not lose hope, contact the law firm "Alibi". We will help not only to return your family painlessly, but also to strengthen the family union.

  • Verifying information about the future of the bride / groom

Checking information about the future bridegroom / bride

You know the information - you own the world! Often, each of us tries to check and dig into the confidential past of his second half. Many status people create a family only after they recognize the past of a loved one. Or perhaps it is important for parents who connects the bonds of their child with whom. Planning to create a family? Do you want to be sure that the past elect will not ruin your future? Do you want to know everything about life before you? Nothing is impossible! We will provide the information you are interested in, using various legal methods for obtaining it. In this case, a person will never know that he was checked. This service will allow you to be sure when choosing a second half in which there will be no room for doubt and suspicion.

  • Assistance to parents in child monitoring

Helping Parents in Child Control

Any parents wish their children the best and warn against possible mistakes. But this does not guarantee that the child will not fall under the influence of a bad company. Transitional age, constant employment of parents or excessive control, unwillingness to let you into their personal space leads to negative consequences. A child can get into a bad environment, adopt bad habits. Of course it is important to have detailed information about the lives of children in order to control them. But remember that independent attempts to establish relationships or surveillance can disrupt trust and exacerbate everything. Therefore, if you know little about the lifestyle of your child, or suspect that his isolation and reluctance to communicate is the result of the bad influence of the street, you should contact us. We will provide full information about where, with whom and how he spends his time. Also we will make our own variants how to establish relations.

  • Verification of personnel (introduction of an employee)

Verification of personnel

Each leader seeks to create a team of highly qualified specialists. This is the key to a successful business. Our recommendation to the owners of companies and companies from time to time to check the level of reliability of their employees. To do this, Alibi uses legal methods to check personnel, including recruiting, which will not incur loss of valuable personnel. We will develop the best option for solving the current situation.

If there are suspicions about the existing staff, do you doubt their integrity? Our company will fix the problem in the most suitable way for you.

  • Protection of reputation. Creating an image

Protection of reputation. Creating an image

You are not respected at work or someone thinks that you are not so cool to join the team? Employees laugh at you, that you are quite alone for a long time and are not able to seduce the beauty? Your perseverance and diligence does not notice the leadership? If you have a bad reputation in the service or in the circle of acquaintances, then we will help to change it, restoring honor and dignity. We will create a new image for you and help you become better in the eyes of colleagues and acquaintances.

  • Checking someone else's alibi

Checking someone else's alibi

Do you think that your second half, the child, the employee tells you stories and fables, and maybe the husband or wife changes and started a love affair? You do not believe him, you think his story is an invention, a deception based on an unreliable alibi and you want to check it out. Our company will study someone else's alibi.

An alibi check is performed to confirm or deny the use of this alibi by a particular person in court, the investigator, as well as in other established life situations.

  • Temporary dad, girlfriend, fiance, child

Temporary dad, girlfriend, fiance, child

Love to spend time actively, to walk in the company, to hold social conversations, but you do not have a suitable satellite? We will help you find a friend, a girl, a wife and even a child for an hour or a weekend!

Dad for an hour

Our employee will sit with the child, do the lessons, have a good time, go to the parents' meeting as a dad. It will embody your legend about the daddy of a seaman of distant voyage.

A friend for hire

No time for communication? Difficult to converge with people? Got into a new collective and you are tortured by interrogations about your friends and your pastime? Are you afraid to admit your loneliness? Looking for friends and acquaintances? The alibi company will provide friends or a best friend with whom it is interesting to talk, have a good time, do not be ashamed to appear in the eyes of acquaintances, employees.

Satellite to accompany events

Recently parted with a second half? On the nose of a grand event where it's important to be with a couple? Parents are asking about a guy / girl? Do you want to show off your second half to your friends, but you do not have it? We will provide friends, a companion or a satellite to rent for events to go as you intended.

Shopper (stylist) for an hour

Shopping trips cause shock? Do not know the trends of fashion or do you want to change the style? Not enough specialist's eye? Use the services of a specialist who will help you quickly and profitably go shopping.

Husband for an hour

Often faced with domestic problems, you ran a tap, broke the pipe, the regiment fell off the hinges? Looking for strong men's hands? Then you just need a husband for an hour!

  • Original declaration of love

Original declaration of love

Your second half has long been dreaming of getting the coveted ring, to say to you "Yes", becoming your wife or husband? You do not know how to realize the maiden dream of childhood and want your day to be remembered for life. Can not you translate your idea into reality? Because of the difficult organizational moments, preparation always takes a lot of energy, energy, emotions. Make your day ideal and provide the organization with specialists. The company "Alibi" will choose several scenarios of the proposal, choose the situation, the venue. We will make this day unforgettable and original.

  • Painless termination of relations between couple / spouses

Painless termination of relations between couple / spouses

Your relationship is on the verge of a break, you are at an impasse, exhausted, constant conflicts and quarrels, eternal disagreements and now ... nothing can be stuck together, relations have sunk into the abyss, all the warm between you evaporated? In relations, cold and irritation reign?

Did your relationship go to the stage of friendship? Are you afraid of hurting someone who has been with you and has repeatedly supported you in a difficult moment or in all your endeavors and do not know how to survive? Your half became for you in some way a close person, but do you treat her / him more like a sister / brother? Our company will help you keep a warm relationship, remain friends or just beautifully, without any grievances painlessly to leave the life of a person whom you do not like. The law firm "Alibi" will help you put an end to the relationship, put it beautifully once and for all.

  • Alibi for the unemployed

Alibi for the unemployed

Lost your job and do not want anyone to know about it? While you are sending out a resume and going to interviews, your close and former colleagues believe that you just changed jobs. New agency, the address of e-mail is provided by the agency. Want to maintain the image of a successful person "before friends, loved one, to prove to parents that you are not an empty place, but independent and successful. We will create all conditions for you to remain successful and not lose yourself in the eyes of your loved ones!

  • Creating the appearance of welfare or, conversely, extreme poverty of the client

Creating the appearance of welfare or, conversely, extreme poverty of the client

"I swear to love you in sorrow and in joy, in wealth and in poverty, in sickness and in health, until death part us" - this phrase is often recollected by wealthy men and women, because everyone wants to meet a truly decent and loving soul mate who will not leave her partner if a crisis or trouble comes. Do you want to protect yourself, check the sincerity, goodwill and decency of people who surround you? Creating a client's welfare or poverty is the best way to test your surroundings. You can fit a chic car to the house and arrange accommodation in the palace or provide for use an old, battered "Zaporozhets" and a modest apartment. After that, it remains to see the reaction of others and draw conclusions about them for themselves.

  • Polygraph (lie detector)

Polygraph (lie detector)

Do you have any suspicions of dishonesty of your employee? Your business depends on the decency of the team or you are the manager, the owner of the financial company? Are afraid to let a nanny for a child into your home, want to know how much truthful information is contained in her profile, resume, recommendations? In your relationship there was no trust, although a loved one claims that he was always faithful to you? Legal company "Alibi" will help to find your person or to eradicate the traitor!

  • Psychological help

Psychological help

  • • Getting rid of emotional and physiological discomfort

Some events and circumstances in life, due to which they seek qualified legal assistance, are often accompanied by stress, fears, sleep disturbances, neurosis, depression and other negative feelings. A person in such periods quickly depletes the resources of his body, which can manifest itself in the form of symptoms that are unpleasant for him.

Recovery and training to maintain a stable, balanced state for making responsible decisions and taking decisive actions.

  • • Restoration of a harmonious and holistic attitude

Sometimes some events in life are perceived as threatening, hostile or dramatic. The habitual personal and material values are depreciated. Ideals and familiar ties are crumbling.

Help in gaining a clear idea of the events occurring during this period

  • • Do not be part of the problem, but become part of their solution

No one is safe from problems. At the same time, it is detrimental to be in the role of a victim, and to remain in a problem for more than a reasonable period. Otherwise, life becomes a problem. Problems tend to attract problems.

Help in striving to change attitudes towards life-destroying problems and learning to benefit from it.

Price List

    Checking the staff

    Checking the staff

    Staff check. Self-monitoring of employees does not work? We will check for good faith: criminal record, polygraph, introduction of the employee.

    Create an alibi

    Identifying adultery infidelity

    Identifying adultery infidelity

    Suspect your husband or wife of treason. We will identify adultery by lawful methods.

    Create an alibi

    No bad reputation

    No bad reputation

    We will create a new image, help to become better in the eyes of colleagues and acquaintances. Protection of reputation.

    Create an alibi

    Assistance to parents in the supervision of children

    Assistance to parents in the supervision of children

    Children grow, problems are added. We will help parents in the supervision of children.

    Create an alibi

    Growing horns? Identification of adultery.

    Growing horns? Identification of adultery.

    There are suspicions, doubts that the wife is changing? Do you want to know the truth and not live in ignorance? You suspect your wife of treason. We will identify adultery by lawful methods.

    Create an alibi

    Creating an alibi

    Creating an alibi

    While you are drinking kvass, we are working on your alibi!

    Create an alibi

    These paws did not take anything! Creating an alibi

    These paws did not take anything! Creating an alibi

    Create an alibi for all occasions. Your imagination is our embodiment.

    Create an alibi

    Checking someone else's alibi

    Checking someone else's alibi

    Checking someone else's alibi.

    Create an alibi

    Return of the spouse to the family

    Return of the spouse to the family

    We will help not only to return your family painlessly, but also to strengthen the family union

    Create an alibi

    Checking information about the future bridegroom / bride

    Checking information about the future bridegroom / bride

    We will provide the information you are interested in, using various legal methods for obtaining it.

    Create an alibi


The above services can be provided only after reading the text below:

The legal company Alibi in the provision of the above services is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine and the current legislation of Ukraine, in connection with what does not allow:

- falsification or use or sale of documents/seals/stamps/forms that are issued or certified by any registrars, notaries, business entities, state authorities, local governments;
- use of special technical means of secretly receiving information;

- interference/obstruction in the work of computers, automated systems, computer networks, telecommunication networks, incl. for the purpose of selling and distributing information stored in these devices;
- provocation/giving bribes, other improper benefits;
- violation of the inviolability of housing;
- violation of the secrecy of correspondence, telephone conversations, correspondence; - violation of privacy, incl. illegal collection, storage, use or dissemination of confidential information about a person without her consent;
- other illegal/unlawful acts.

Alibi Law Firm provides these services with the purpose of creating and preserving a family, strengthening friendly relations, avoiding conflicts and violence, raising self-confidence and others, and peaceful coexistence of people.

As a result of the provision of the above services, an object of intellectual property is created, the rights to which belong to the Alibi Law Firm and which can not be used and submitted as evidence to the state authorities, local self-government bodies, individuals or legal entities.

The Alibi Law Firm provides these services in accordance with the culture, traditions and mentality of society, on the brink of moral and ethical considerations and does not bear any responsibility for actions to provide these services, their consequences and asks them to be considered as a social and sociological study and as a rally aimed at the benefit of the development of society.

Law firm Alibi Kharkiv.

Contact us, and we will create a script that completely corrects the situation, create you any alibi for the benefit !!!

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