Legal services without leaving home

Electronic E-service from the law firm Alibi and State DII

At the beginning of the 21st century, many of us imagined the near future as a time when robots would perform hard physical work, most processes would be automatically carried out by computers, so that everything should be faster, better, timely, unmistakable and a living person would live, work easier and more comfortable.

By 2020, many of these expectations and plans have become a really real part of human life and thanks to a computer or any gadget, we save a lot of time by creating and storing documents and information in it, sending and receiving letters, creating and editing photos, videos, audio works, communicating with his help at a distance, buying and selling any benefits of civilization. We have a real addiction to computers and smartphones. Being without them even the smallest time, we have a feeling of depression, helplessness and self-doubt, a desire to quickly pick it up, watch something or take some action.

The paradox is that we are the creators and owners of these devices, but at the same time they control our lives and in fact determine our fate.

And despite the fact that all the best and the most modern appear first at wealthy companies and wealthy people, most modern states have also taken modern technologies and devices into service and provide services.

In the next 5-10 years, every person in a civilized country will say goodbye to the era of tons of chaotic paper waste and, having looked on the Internet on his citizen’s electronic account on the state’s website (in Ukraine, for example, this is public services online ДІЯ) will be able to see official and legal electronic power:

  • documents (online DII services) proving his identity or confirming his special status (senior citizen, disabled person, military man, student, etc.);
  • rights (online DII services) to drive vehicles, carry weapons, travel abroad, etc .;
  • documents (online DII services) confirming a person’s property rights to immovable (house, apartment, land, etc.) and movable property (car, ship, bank accounts, etc.);
  • documents (online DII services) confirming a person’s possession of corporate rights of a legal entity, intellectual property, property rights (debt of third parties, etc.), the fact of registration as a private entrepreneur;
  • documents (online services DII) confirming the receipt of education, profession, seniority, license and permission for a certain type of activity;
  • certificates (online DII services) confirming the source of receipt and the amount of income, payment of taxes and other obligatory payments from it;
  • electronic documents confirming the existence of legal disputes with a person, open enforcement proceedings, criminal and civil offenses;
  • medical book with a history of diseases, treatment of a person;
  • and more.

In addition to viewing the above documents of this citizen’s electronic account on the DII public services website, a person, in agreement with the state, will be able to exercise their legal rights, interests, obligations in real time without leaving home:

  • vote in a referendum, election of the President, deputies, etc.;
  • change name, place of residence;
  • create legal entities and register as FLP;
  • register intellectual property;
  • get a job and quit work, get licenses and work permits;
  • receive official status (senior citizen, veteran, disabled person, etc.);
  • acquire or dispose of property;
  • receive financial assistance from the state;
  • and many more features.

After the description of such a wonderful future, the question arises: “What do lawyers and lawyers do to become part of the 21st century, the era of computerization and digitalization, the era of online electronic services (online E-services and DII)? What are they doing so that a person, without leaving home, receives prompt and high-quality assistance? Received a consultation, concluded a contract or received a template for almost any contract within a reasonable time; created and filed a lawsuit or appeal, received complete and reliable information about himself, the counterparty from state registers and open sources; registered a business and changes in its activities; legal due diligence of acquired real estate and movable property; could keep all the necessary business documentation; receive official electronic certificates, permits, licenses and information from state registers; to find out your chances in a lawsuit based on a computer program of probability? ”

ALIBI LAW COMPANY has answers to most of these questions and has made the expected future for its clients today.

The future, robotics, digitalization of legal services right before your eyes.

Using our Online E-Services, without leaving your home, sitting comfortably in front of a computer or other gadget using our site, you can in 5 minutes (in some cases 24 hours):

  • create a lawsuit, appeal, cassation in 5 minutes;
  • create, modify, and enter into a contract;
  • order a contract template and, in addition, fill out this template by a lawyer;
  • receive complete and reliable information about yourself, the counterparty from state registries and open sources;
  • register a business and changes in its activities;
  • find out all the information about the acquired real estate and movable property, having completed its full legal review;
  • keep all necessary business documentation;
  • get official electronic certificates from state registers, permits, licenses;
  • find out your chances in a lawsuit based on a ROBOT JUDGE probability computer program.

If you keep up to date, do not want to spend time and money on visiting offices of law firms, use our electronic legal services!