Housing disputes and issues. Assistance of a lawyer and lawyer in Kharkov

Housing disputes

Housing basic human need. Regardless of the type of housing: house, apartment, shares, room in a dormitory ... Depending on your legal status regarding this property: owner, tenant, are building relationships in housing law. In legal practice, there are frequent cases when housing becomes the subject of controversy and dispute. Often they arise when property is divided by spouses, heirs of the dead, business conflicts, a tenant and a landlord, or with government authorities. Most of us are peacefully trying to resolve current situations and problematic issues, but when peacefully fails to resolve the issue of legal assistance of a lawyer or lawyer becomes.

The disputes arising around housing, called the housing disputes. This is a difficult category of cases, the need to involve a lawyer in housing disputes is difficult to overestimate. The complexity of housing disputes lies in the fact that they often involve excessive emotional experiences, since conflicts often arise between relatives or neighboring people who have been business partners.

Worth considering which cases fall within the category of housing disputes:

  • • Disputes about moving in or evicting to residential premises (dormitories);
  • • Disputes on the recognition of contracts of sale and donation of premises, apartments, void;
  • • Housing disputes arising from the transfer of ownership of residential premises in the event of inheritance;
  • • Disputes regarding the amendment of a residential tenancy agreement;
  • • Disputes about the division and use of the dwelling;
  • • Disputes related to the rental (sublease) of residential premises, challenging lease agreements;
  • • Disputes related to alterations, permissions;
  • • Compensation of material damage as a result of flooding, damage to an apartment, office or warehouse;
  • • Protection when collecting utility fees.

What can be the help of a lawyer (lawyer) for housing disputes?

  • • Consultation, examination of the documents provided, legal opinion on the question, oral or written:
  • • Signing a service contract, powers of attorney to represent interests in government bodies, local governments and in courts;
  • • Preparation, filing and appeal of written documents (statements, lawsuits, claims, reviews (objections);
  • • Appeal against the decision in the appeals instance;
  • • Getting a judgment and monitoring its execution (if necessary)
  • • Direct participation in court hearings (representation of interests in courts of various instances).

We propose to consider the possible participation of a lawyer in housing matters in the case of apartment division, for example, during a divorce. It should be understood that the apartment is an indivisible thing in nature. Therefore, the section is a complex procedure that requires regulatory assessment, and a court decision on the shares of the owners. It depends on how competently the lawsuit is made, what proportion will be recognized for you, which spouse will remain in the dwelling, who will pay monetary compensation (and what will be its size), whether the decision to sell the apartment will be made and how cash from its sale will be distributed. Having outlined this range of issues to be resolved, it is easy to understand that without the involvement of a housing lawyer, it will not be easy to go through this procedure alone. Unfortunately, sometimes, blinded by emotions, we do not see the whole picture.

Attracting an independent lawyer will help get rid of unnecessary worries, save time and money. The lawyers of the law firm “Alibi” located in Kharkiv have a lot of positive experience in defending the interests of clients including in the housing sphere. In the shortest possible time, our partners will be able to develop a scheme of actions applicable in your individual case. It should be noted that these cases are given special care, taking into account the understanding of the complexity of human relations between the parties in housing disputes. Housing lawyers will be able to choose the most convenient, correct but not simple solutions that allow them to maximize their interests in a housing dispute. Alibi lawyers will provide an individual approach and take into account all the nuances of your situation, taking into account the legal aspects of the story line. Our lawyers and attorneys for housing issues can not only protect your violated rights, but also become useful in a conflict, where the line of law, out of ignorance, has stepped over you. The task, then, is to minimize the damage and possible liability. Our specialists will be ready to pick up your case, if suddenly, trying to figure out the problem yourself, you are at a dead end and do not know how to proceed.

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