Notarization of the site and e-mail

Inspection and notarization of the site and e-mail

Alibi Law Firm offers a service to provide evidence on the Internet.

Such evidence can be provided by a notary by inspecting and certifying Internet pages - this is a form of providing evidence that allows you to confirm the fact of committing offenses in the virtual space. The evidence on the Internet is consistent with the Convention on Legal Assistance and Legal Relations in Civil, Family and Criminal Matters (Chisinau, October 7, 2002)

What if your copyright or exclusive rights are violated on the Internet?

On the Internet, you saw that your:

Works spread;

Photos are posted on the sites;

Products under your brand are offered for sale;

It is proposed to provide services or perform works under the trademark of your company;

The network contains information that is defamatory, unreliable information;

Placed information that is slanderous;

Published messages damaging business reputation;

Without your knowledge, someone posted personal photos;

The most important thing is to have time to fix the violations!

After all, the information on the sites can be easily and quickly removed!

How can you defend your rights, punish violators in the manner prescribed by law?

It is imperative to fix the existence of such a fact - the placement (dissemination) of illegal information for further proceedings in court!

Assure a violation of your rights right now!

We will provide you with a notarial inspection report of the site within 72 hours.

Only 5000 hryvnia and you will receive indisputable proof in the COURT! DON'T WAIT WHEN THE OFFICERS DELETE THE UNLAWFUL CONTENT FROM THE SITE! Do not give offenders and intruders any chance to erase the posted data and remain unpunished - notarize the information until it is removed from the network.

Notarization of Internet pages, screenshots, screen shots of a computer monitor (including notarization of the site and e-mail, SMS messages) is one of the most reliable procedural evidence in the field of information law today. To challenge such evidence in the current judicial and legal practice has never succeeded.

Notarial inspection of the site online, notarization of Internet pages

Order forensic evidence - notarial inspection of the website online and (or) the original notarial inspection protocol of the website’s website, which is indispensable evidence in a court case on the protection of copyright and intellectual rights. We offer you to make a notarial inspection of the site online within 72 hours and get express delivery of the inspection protocol of the web site (Internet site), notarized.


1. You send the address of the site page - which must be notarized.

2. We bill you for a notary’s inspection of the Internet page (information posted on the site).

3. You pay the bill or pay online.

4. The notary examines the site and records the evidence.

5. We send you a scan of the notary inspection by e-mail.

6. If you need the original notarial inspection - for 750 hryvnias we will send it to you anywhere in Ukraine or you can pick it up at our office.

Notarial inspection of the first page of the site (screenshot)

The original of the notarial protocol of the site inspection

Price 5000 hryvnia for inspecting the first page (screenshot)

Price 750 hryvnia

150 hryvnia each additional page (screenshot).

Delivery to anywhere in Ukraine by the service "Nova Poshta"

Prices for the certification of web pages

The cost of the certification of the website’s page is UAH 5,000 + 150 hryvnias for each sheet (A4 screenshot) with the site listing.

The price of the assurance of one page of the site with authorization in social networks (entering a username, password or other data), clicking any buttons on the site and navigating through the pages of the site amounts to UAH 8,000 + the cost of certification for each sheet (A4 screenshot) from site listing +150 hryvnia. We can also download any files (photos, videos, various documents) from the certified site and attach them to the notarial protocol.

Note: to provide the service you need to provide access to your account

Prices for e-mail certification (e-mail)

The cost of the certification of the mail is 7,500 hryvnia + 500 hryvnia for each letter + the price for each sheet (A4 screenshot) with a printout of the letter + 150 hryvnia.

Note: To provide this service, you must provide access to your email account.

Additional Services:

Certification of correspondence and files in Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber - 25,000 hryvnia + price of 150 hryvnia for each sheet (screenshot of A4 format) with a text or file listing.

Note: to provide this service, you need to provide access to the account of your messenger.

The cost of an additional copy of the notarial protocol + 10% to the cost, but not less than 500 hryvnia.

The price of a notarial copy of the protocol is 2000 hryvnia + the cost is 150 hryvnia for each sheet of the protocol.

Burn downloaded from the site files, videos or documents on a CD or DVD disc (the disc is sealed with a notary seal and attached to the protocol as an application): +500 hryvnia, DVD disc +1000 hryvnia.

Appendix to the protocol with a printout of the site in a color image: +150 hryvnia per A4 sheet, but not less than 500 hryvnia per protocol.

Additional Services:

email notarization

Electronic Mailbox Notary Protocol

Notary E-mail Inspection

The costs you incur for obtaining evidence you can recover from the defendant in your claim!

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