Preparation and support of contracts, claims, other legal documents

Preparation and support of contracts, claims, other legal documents

While you are engaged in achieving "Business - heights" in your business - we will provide qualified legal assistance and support of transactions. We are not indifferent to your success and therefore we ensure the purity of each transaction, a properly drafted contract for the supply of goods, rental of premises or the provision of services will protect you and the company from claims and make the Counterparty think about the expediency of a dispute with you.

In case of violation of your rights, we will help you make a claim with the requirements. And since this is a very important document at the first stage of the trial, it should be drafted as fully and competently as possible. In the course of legal proceedings, other procedural documents may be required. Perhaps you have already tried to solve the problem yourself or have turned to a lawyer, a lawyer, but have not achieved the desired. Our law firm approaches the issue outside the box and will take the lead for you. Leave any problem to our specialists and you will get the result in a short time! Our lawyers have long-term and successful professional experience of judicial practice, cheaply and efficiently prepare the necessary documents, will minimize the possibility of making mistakes when filing them in court.

The range of our services is wide and versatile:

  • • Drafting contracts, statements, claims;
  • • Negotiations with contractors (analysis, preparation of related documentation);
  • • Consultation and analysis on any legal issues arising in the course of economic activity;
  • • Registration of patents, licenses, trademarks, as well as providing advice on copyright issues;
  • • Maintenance of corporate relations (preparation and holding of meetings of participants, shareholders, decisions of participants, amending the constituent documents);
  • • Preparation of claims, responses to claims;
  • • Representing the interests of the customer and his officials in relations with any government bodies, including in cases provided for by law - the participation of a lawyer;
  • • Full legal support of the company's personnel (labor contracts, contracts with employees on liability, trade secrets, drafting working procedures, job descriptions, agreements, orders, powers of attorney, reprimands and many others).

By entrusting the solution to our problem to Us - We will provide you with high-quality and reliable support, as well as we will find a quick and suitable solution in any situation! After all, we are winning with you! Your victory - Our achievements!

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