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Auto lawyer

Help of an Auto Lawyer

Avtoyurist - a specialist who knows all the subtleties of the laws and is well versed in situations on the road, resulting in a violation of traffic rules. In such a critical situation, only a professional will be able to make the right decision in relations with government agencies, other road accident participants, and insurance companies. Even from the most hopeless situations, auto-lawyers know how to find a way out and save their client. In case of an accident, it is very important for his participant not to lose his head and to contact a law firm in time. The accident specialist will take over all the administrative red tape, thereby saving the client from unnecessary stress and panic.

Auto Lawyer Specialization

Law Firm "Alibi" offers the services of a lawyer for the accident, which as quickly and correctly as possible will resolve all the problems that have arisen as a result of this incident. You can use our services in the automotive field:

  • Representation of interests in dealing with issues with insurance companies. Quite often, they want to understate the amount of the payment or avoid it altogether. Autobiourist "Alibi" will appoint an accurate examination in order for the company to pay insurance to the car owner to cover all his expenses.

  • When the driver is deprived of a driver’s license.

    In legal practice, unfortunately, the unjustified and unreasonable deprivation of the right to drive a car has become more frequent. Specialists of our company initiate verification of the entire process of bringing the driver to justice. We carry out not only an assessment of the possibility of violation of rights, but also challenge the decisions of law enforcement agencies in all judicial instances.

  • Protection of the legal rights of car owners. During our many years of practice in this field, we can say that there have been frequent cases of violation of the rights of drivers by car dealers. For example, breach of warranty obligations. Such questions are very complex and require careful preparation.

  • Protection of a lawyer in criminal cases related to the accident. The situation has become widespread when an absolutely innocent person is wanted to be made guilty of an accident. For example, impute him drinking alcohol behind the wheel, breaking the rules with serious consequences. But our specialists will not allow this as we challenge the decisions of the police and prove in court that our client is not guilty.

  • Help with problems with cars on evronomerah. The cases of the presentation of illegal demands by police and customs officers to drivers who drive cars with European numbers have become more frequent. In particular, violations of the customs code and the rules of their importation into the territory of Ukraine. In such cases, you need highly qualified assistance of an auto-lawyer who is well-versed in the legislation of this sphere and will help you to avoid fines of several hundred thousand hryvnias.

  • Recovery of damage from the person who is the cause of the accident. Avtoistourist of our company will help our client to compensate for the damage caused by an accident.

Avtoyourist from Alibi

Do you want to travel safely along the road and not be afraid of violating your legal rights? Then contact our law firm for help from an auto-lawyer. Any contradictions in the legislation will be used to protect our customers. We will restore equality and legitimacy on the road. Our experts will estimate the amount of necessary payments, the prospect for a positive resolution of the dispute, predict the fate of the case and will surely defend your interests.

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