How to return the rights if you have them taken away for drunk driving? Is it possible to win a court for the deprivation of a driver's license? What to do and where to get help?

Hello! You have come to our site and are reading this article for one reason — you have your rights taken away or, if it is right to say, a driver’s license for drunk driving under article 130, part 1 or part 2, and you really want to return it, but don’t know what do.

An unfortunate case, especially considering the huge fines and the prospect of depriving a driver of a license for a full year or even two, but quite common in our country. For example, in 2017, the police in Ukraine recorded 114 thousand cases of driving while intoxicated, and this is 25% more than in 2016. We will neither justify nor stigmatize those who have been drunk managed . The booze did not bring anyone to good. Our law firm only calls on all parties to act within the law and assists in the deprivation of rights in court.

It is worth noting that often law enforcement officials are wrong, and sometimes they even biased and unreasonably suspect motorists of drinking alcohol, demanding that they drive to some hospital or breathe into some unknown device with an unpacked mouthpiece for the breathalyzer. The consequences of this can be very sad for you, there are plenty of such cases, as well as dishonest law enforcers and court practice convincingly proves this, so it is quite realistic to win the court and take your driver's license. But still, be careful and alert!

You ask what to do if the police still selected the rights and how to return the rights without waiting for their deprivation for the so-called drunk people at the wheel? The answer is simple - do not let things take their course and appeal against the protocol on administrative violation in court using the services of an auto-lawyer.

Return of rights requires preparation, experience and good knowledge of the law as there are many legally prescribed procedures for the examination of the state of alcohol intoxication, the rules for drawing up protocols, the presence of witnesses and many others that police officers often neglect. And then, with competent assistance from a lawyer and a fair judge, the chances of returning the selected driver's license increase markedly. It is better to return it ahead of time, is not it? This can be done within three months from the date of the offense, proving his innocence in court. Agree it better than to pay a huge fine and wait a whole year or even two if it comes to a repeat offense.

If you do not know what to do in this difficult situation, please contact us! Our company has affordable, prices for legal assistance for this service, experienced lawyers and, most importantly, a fair approach to each client: signing a contract and returning the principal amount negative scenarios. And if you win the case in court, it will cost you twice as much or even three times less than the fine and the attendant mandatory deprivation of rights.

You can get a consultation and conclude a contract by address and phone number.

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