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Earth has long had value and was a resource. Ukrainian agricultural lands were famous for their fertility and far beyond this country. Nowadays, little has changed, and today land plots have a high cost, and this also applies to agricultural land as well as land for development. And do you know that every citizen of our country has the right to receive free land ownership ?. This is defined by the Land Code, but have any of us heard about the possibility of such a transfer of land to the ownership of citizens? This material may be useful, both for urban residents and the population of rural areas. It outlines the procedure for registration of the site in the property and the size of the relying land norms per person.

It is worth saying that, according to the land legislation, every citizen can receive and issue the following amounts of land plots from state or communal property for free:

If you live in the city, for the construction and maintenance of a residential house, household buildings and structures you can claim a land plot of not more than 0.10 hectares, if you live in the village, not more than 0.15 hectares, in rural areas, not more than 0, 25 ha.

Also, every citizen of Ukraine can receive a plot of no more than 2.0 hectares for maintaining personal peasant farms, no more than 0.12 hectares for gardening in rural areas.

For individual country construction - no more than 0.10 hectares, for the construction of an individual garage - no more than 0.01 hectares. However, with the allocation of land for garages in the city, on the local area there is a problem and it consists in the complexity of the procedure itself and there is a chance to build such garages except for disabled people of groups 1 and 2 on the musculoskeletal system. In this situation, without the help and services of lawyers certainly can not do

Above, we looked at possible options for areas for free land. Of course, everyone has the opportunity, but not everyone has taken advantage of it. Our law firm can assist in this difficult task: consulting and registration services for land, real estate and their legalization.

Note that the legislator has not determined that a person’s land should be allocated to a person according to his place of registration, hence we can conclude that, being a resident of Kharkiv, you may well turn to Kiev city authorities, for example, for allocating a site, according to your needs.

So, having analyzed the norms laid down by the citizen, we will consider the step-by-step procedure for the procedure of registering a site as a property.

First, it is necessary to determine the competence of which authority is the right to dispose of the selected land plot. Lands, within the borders of settlements, are in charge - local authorities, outside of settlements, you need to contact the territorial office of the Gosgeokadastra. Check whether the selected land is available on a special site. This service is provided by the Public Cadastral Map of Ukraine, site Privatized and located in other types of property are highlighted in blue, the free areas are not marked in any way, you can also obtain information about the owner by sending a request. However, it should be noted that not all seemingly free sites are truly free. This is due to the fact that the cadastral map is still under development and filling.

When sending a petition for allotment of a plot to the competent authority, you should determine the approximate size of the plot, its purpose, add a map (copy) on which the desired piece of land, a copy of the passport of the citizen of Ukraine is indicated in color. If we are talking about the allocation of land for farming, you need to attach documents confirming your experience in agriculture or a diploma from an agricultural educational institution, provide a justification for your application, and increase the chances for a positive consideration of the issue. Upon consideration of your request within a month, the competent authority agrees to the development of project documentation or issues a reasonable refusal.

Next, to develop it, you should contact the land management organization that has the appropriate license and provides this service. The cadastral contractor should be a land surveyor engineer. If the firm to which you applied does not have a license, then the land management documents drawn up by it will not be able to pass state registration. If everything is in order with their documents, sign a contract for the execution of works. Do not forget, to indicate in the contract such important items as price, deadline, scope of services. By law, the term of such work should not exceed six months. Land surveyors perform a geodetic survey of the site, develop the project, if necessary, put up landmarks and take measurements on the ground. The boundaries of the land plot must be coordinated with the owners of adjacent plots. The result of the work done is handed over to the customer in paper and electronic form. Further, depending on the purpose of the land, it is approved by the state authorities, according to the norms of the Land Code of Ukraine. After the land management project passes the approvals it needs, it must be registered with the State Geocadastre of Ukraine. Often, this service can be performed according to the contract by the land management organization. This simplifies the procedure and saves your time. The following documents should be attached to the application for registration: a contract and a power of attorney allowing you to act on your behalf, a copy of your passport, a copy of the assignment of an individual identification number, an agreed project (in paper and electronic form), a copy of the payment order for state registration of the land plot.

The provided documents are considered within a fourteen-day period by the state cadastral registrar of the territorial cadastral authority. After checking, if everything is done correctly, and your coordinates do not violate the boundaries of already registered areas, the data is entered into a single register. Next, get an extract from the State Land Cadastre (SLC) with a unique number. After receiving an extract from the SLC, contact the local authorities with a written request for approval of the land acquisition project. To the application you need to add an agreed draft and statement. The state body in whose competence the right to dispose of the land plot is located must approve it. The decision on approval is transferred to the Registration Service of the relevant unit of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine at the location of the land plot with an application for registration of ownership. I want to note that the decision must include the following points, area, location, cadastral number of the land plot. After receiving the decision on the transfer of land ownership, you are free to apply for registration of this right to the Land Resources Administration or the Registration Service. You will need to attach a statement of the established form: a copy of your passport, TIN, a copy of the payment for an extract from the State Register of Rights, a state duty payment, a certified copy of the Decision on the free transfer of land, an extract from the SLC. This package of documents considered, and issue a certificate of ownership of the land.

The law says that privatization is a free transfer of a plot, and indeed, the state will not take money for the land. In a round sum, a Ukrainian can manage only the documentary registration of a site as a property. The amount will vary based on where the site is located. With regard to professional observations, it can be noted that the service of registration of the site in rural areas will be more simple and less costly project and in terms of money and time, in comparison with the city. And many still need help in registration of land in the property because most to pass this difficult path is not as easy as it may seem.

If you have any questions, you can ask them to our experts in order to avoid mistakes, speed up the process and privatize the land in the end. We will provide you with the necessary services and assistance in the preparation of documents, ownership of land and other real estate, we will help to legalize existing objects. We are waiting for you for a consultation.

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