Assistance in obtaining permits, licenses for certain types of activities, trademark registration

Assistance in obtaining permits

Sooner or later, many of us come to the fact that they do not want to work for someone, but think about their business. The head of each company, organization or even a small business wants to have its own trademark, to be individual, to expand its activities. Ukrainian legislation provides for a category of activities that provide for obtaining permits and licensing. For example, you need a license for a taxi, educational, security and medical activities or the sale of alcohol. Of course, everyone knows that implementing them without a proper document is fraught with serious consequences, and of course few take the risk. We will be able to assist in obtaining such permits by saving you time and effort.

You want your own business to be absolutely legal and have normal conditions for successful functioning and further development. Or has he already achieved success and unscrupulous competitors are using your brand and mislead customers? The main goal of the trademark is to protect uniqueness and to prohibit competitors from reaping the benefits. A trademark is protected only when it is protected by law, that is, it is registered. If you have not yet received a license or have not registered your trademark and do not have a clue how to do this, Alibi law company will provide all the necessary services for legalization and protection of your business. We know how to make your license or trademark pass a quick check and evaluation and be successfully registered.

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