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Legal services

High-quality legal services - the key to a successful result

The provision of legal services is a niche in which many specialists are involved in the legal industry. A huge number of companies are ready to offer their services. Thus, in front of a person in need of qualified assistance, there is a dilemma - who to turn to. Undoubtedly, everyone is promised an effective result in resolving a dispute in favor of a client. We will not be unfounded. Our law firm "Alibi" has many successfully resolved cases. We protect the interests of our clients in all existing institutions and legal areas. Legal services are provided by experienced lawyers, lawyers who have knowledge and powerful practice.

Legal company "Alibi" is developing dynamically and is actively following the changes in the current legislation of Ukraine. We find all the nuances and pay attention to every little thing to effectively protect the interests of our customers.

Types of our services

Any service starts with legal advice. Alibi specialists carefully understand the essence of the problem. Every detail is important to us, so during the consultation, we ask all your questions. In addition to legal advice, we provide the following range of services:

  • Composing a lawsuit. Not everyone can draw up a statement of claim in compliance with all the requirements of the law and taking into account all the circumstances. Our experts competently make claims because this process is one of the most fundamental moments in the future of your business.
  • Drafting of contracts. The contract is a complex and important part of civil relations. Further dispute resolution and even profit making may depend on it.
  • Collecting evidence, required documents, participation in a legal process, case support.
  • Getting the judgment.
  • Criminal law protection. Here we are aware of the seriousness of the issue and dependence on this further fate of a person. Therefore, we only employ professionals.
  • Representation of interests in civil and business processes. Not always questions can be solved by negotiation. It is in this case that you need a knowledgeable law expert who will correctly line up the course of behavior.
  • Effective business protection.
  • Getting help in real estate.
  • Tax Assistance
  • Subscription Services. Comprehensive support of business by a team of specialists will allow you not only to build a business strategy correctly, is always protected from all kinds of regulatory authorities, make correct and thoughtful actions, but also save significant financial costs.
  • Legal services for individuals and legal entities.
  • Services in various legal areas - family, housing, land and others.
  • Legal fees

    On our website you can find not only the list of services provided by our company , but also their cost in the price . We can say only one thing - we adhere to the principle of adequacy in the formation of prices. We will be able to provide high-quality legal services in the shortest possible time. The main thing in our business is to work exclusively on the result while minimizing the risks for each client.

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