How to successfully complete the procedure for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine.

Everyone knows that the world is arranged in such a way that people are legally tied to the territory of a particular state.
  If a republican state system is established in such a state and the president leads it, then the population living in such a state is called its citizens.
  If a monarchy is established in such a state, and the monarch (king or queen) also leads, then the population living in such a state is called its subjects.
  To obtain citizenship of some states you need to complete a few formalities, and you are already a citizen.
  To acquire the citizenship of other states is almost impossible. It can occur only by birth, that is, be acquired only by children who were born on the territory of a given state.

What is the situation with the citizenship of Ukraine? How time-consuming is the procedure for obtaining citizenship of our state? Let's try to figure it out.
  Let's start with the grounds on which you can obtain Ukrainian citizenship.
   By birth. It concerns cases of birth on our territory, in some - outside its borders. It is clear that citizenship thus obtained arises from the moment of birth. In particular, this applies to cases:

  • • at least one of the parents was our citizen when the child was born;
  • • the birth of stateless persons (hereinafter LBG), who are legally present on our territory;
  • • the birth of our territory from foreigners who are lawfully present with us, without acquiring by birth any of the parents;
  • • appearance on our territory of a foreigner and LBG, who are legally present in the country, without acquiring by birth the citizenship of a foreign parent;
  • • is a newborn child found on the territory of our country, both parents of which are unknown (found), etc.

Territorial origin . In the case of the birth (residence) of any person, including a foreigner in our territory until August 24, 1991.
   Accepting citizenship . Anyone can use it, while fulfilling a number of conditions:

  • • Recognition and observance of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine;
  • • Submission of an obligation not to be a citizen of another state or an obligation to terminate such citizenship, if any;
  • • Continuous legal stay in our territory for at least the last five years;
  • • Immigration Permit;
  • • Knowledge of the state language and / or its understanding in a volume sufficient for communication;
  • • The presence of legal livelihoods.

Restoration of citizenship . If previously citizenship was lost, but the person re-applied for citizenship and went through the established procedure.
   Childhood citizenship if at least one of his parents is our citizen.
   Obtaining citizenship by a child upon adoption. Perhaps not the most common reason, since the opposite is more often the case when a native child is accepted into a foreign family. Nevertheless, the fact of adoption is the basis for a child to obtain the citizenship of our country since the entry into force of the relevant decision.
  There are other, less common grounds.

What documents do I need to provide for citizenship?
  The package of documents may vary depending on the basis, but, as a rule, it consists of the following documents:

  • • written request to the competent authority;
  • • three photos;
  • • an obligation not to be a citizen of another state or an obligation to terminate such citizenship, if any;
  • • copy of immigration permit;
  • • copy of the document confirming the place of residence in the past;
  • • marriage certificate;
  • • Documentary evidence of the financial situation of the past six months
  • • evidence of payment of state duty and other documents.

If one of the documents comes from the territory of a foreign state, then it must be legalized + must contain a notarized translation.
  As a rule, we need a document confirming that the applicant has resided on our territory without a break for a certain time (depending on the basis of the acquisition of citizenship).
  Often, one cannot do without a copy of a residence permit and without a document that indicates a legitimate source of livelihood.
  As a rule, always need help about learning the Ukrainian language.

What is the procedure for obtaining citizenship?
  After the correct and correct set of documents has been assembled, contact the local migration service office (or the Ukrainian consulate if you are abroad).
  The procedure for checking an application for citizenship, in turn, goes through several stages, which may vary depending on the basis.
  Not depending on the basis, initially, the documents are tested for compliance with their domestic legislation.
  If everything is correct, the district migration service sends the documentation to the regional department, which makes the final decision on granting or denying citizenship of Ukraine.

Who is not eligible for citizenship?
  With all the loyalty of our legislation, there are a number of points that prevent a number of individuals from obtaining our citizenship.
  These groups include foreigners:

  • • a person has committed a crime or other offense on our territory, during his temporary stay here;
  • • convicted of genocide, other crimes against humanity;
  • • foreigner is wanted.

In any case, against the background of some simplicity of the national procedure for obtaining citizenship, as compared with counterparts from other states, certain difficulties that a foreigner has with a different mentality and other ideas about life, not to mention procedural issues, are understandable.
  Decided to accept the citizenship of Ukraine, but do not understand their rights?
  Do you have problems with the package of documents and you cannot form it yourself?
  Officials fool you and you can’t figure out the features of the procedure?
  Is your application of red tape and / or you do not understand the amount of costs that must be incurred for obtaining citizenship?

Contact our law firm! We, our specialists will accompany you at all stages that you need to go through to obtain Ukrainian citizenship!

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