Legal outsourcing / subscription service

Legal outsourcing / subscription service

If you are a business owner, it doesn’t matter big or small, sooner or later you will need legal assistance in relations with partners, suppliers in carrying out transactions or regulatory authorities in case of inspections. After all, a properly drawn up contract, representation of interests in court and competent legal support of the company's activities is the key to success! Even if you have a full-time lawyer, sometimes his knowledge and strength may simply not be enough to solve a particular problem and even more so for full legal support of the enterprise’s activities. However, not everybody can afford to pay several lawyers, and efficiency often leaves much to be desired.

Law Firm "Alibi" after the conclusion of the contract for outsourcing services assumes the solution to all legal problems that your company faced daily.

Consultation on any legal issues, the presence of a lawyer at meetings and the conduct of business activities of an enterprise, in general, all this unites such a concept as legal outsourcing.

Alibi’s lawyers provide a range of services. Cooperating with us, instead of 1 employee, you immediately get a staff of specialists who work on all legal aspects, starting with consultation and ending with litigation.

Why it’s profitable to use subscription legal services (outsourcing)

  • • providing advice 24 hours a day;
  • • payment for the staff of professionals, as for one of your full-time lawyer;
  • • You get lawyers who are experts in all areas of law. (While one lawyer is writing a lawsuit - the second is making a contract, the third is defending your interests in court)
  • • the cost of subscription services is much lower than the provision of services separately;
  • • We keep confidentiality of the services provided to you.

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