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Consumer protection in Ukraine. What should I do if I don’t want to take a low-quality product back and return the money?

It's no secret that the purchase of substandard goods in the store is quite a frequent occurrence. This article will discuss how to protect your rights, return goods, types of goods that can be returned, possible return periods, and how to act when they refuse to accept goods back.

So, the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" provides that the return of goods can be carried out for two reasons:

  • If it does not match the quality declared by the manufacturer.
  • If it meets the requirements, but for some reason does not suit the buyer.
  • I would also like to inform you that a written or verbal announcement that the purchase cannot be exchanged or returned is not a reason for refusing to replace a product of poor quality or not suitable for you.

    The list of "irrevocable" is given in the law and is exhaustive. So, consider the list that can not be returned:

    • • food products (food, drinks, tobacco products)
    • • drugs (all drugs)
    • • hygiene items (pads, cotton diapers, bandages)
    • • items for recording information (photo paper, disks, flash drives)
    • • manicure / pedicure tools
    • • jewelry and precious metals
    • • products for newborns (bottles, nipples, etc.)
    • • products from natural hair or artificial hair (wigs, elastics)
    • • linear and sheet metal, pipes, plywood that is cut to your size
    • • printed matter newspapers, magazines, textbooks
    • • underwear, stockings, panty hoses
    • • bedding
    • • interior items (interlocking carpets, curtains)
    • • aerosols
    • • gloves, fabrics, lace, tulle
    • • Minds for wind instruments, chin for violinists
    • • mouthpieces
    • • shaving accessories (razors, gels, foams)
    • • massage brushes, combs, combs
    • • toothbrushes
    • • children's soft, rubber, inflatable toys
    • • pillows, blankets containing down
    • • cosmetics and perfume

    What is the same period and order for returning goods that did not suit or did not suit the buyer?

    If the seller did not declare a longer period of time, then according to the law "On Consumer Protection" we can talk about 14 days of return or replacement of goods. This period is calculated from the day following the purchase. Upon the expiration of this period, a refund is possible under the terms of the guarantee.

    But it should be remembered that if significant defects in the purchased item were identified during the warranty period, the manufacturer’s fault, repeated repairs, and if possible falsification, you also have the right to return the money and demand replacement of the purchased item. Such cases are not uncommon. And when unscrupulous businessmen do not want to change a product or do not want to return money for it, motivating with various excuses and reasons, there’s nothing else to do but to go to court. This is of course an extreme degree of dispute which is better settled at the initial stage.

    Below, however, let's consider ways to exchange goods or return money:

    • • If the goods turned out to be of inadequate quality, does not suit the buyer, it can be exchanged for a similar one in the presence of such goods from the seller. Or to any other with a recalculated value.
    • • Agree on replacing an unsuitable product when it first arrives at the store.
    • • Return the product and get a full refund.

    The return procedure is simple. It is necessary to come to the store at the specified time interval and report on the desire and the reasons for which you want to return the goods. The goods can be returned on condition of preservation of a trade dress, the check and in the presence of the document proving the identity. The money is returned either at the time of return, or no later than seven days from the moment the goods are returned and a written application if the money is not available.

    There are cases when sellers refuse to accept goods legally:

    • • More than 14 days have passed since the date of purchase.
    • • Products do not have a presentation (traces of use, defects are noticeable)
    • • Completeness is not complete, details are lost
    • • Attempts were made to self-repair products (a seal is damaged, for example, or other conditions of warranty service)
    • • There is no receipt confirming the date of purchase and payment.

    But what to do if, nevertheless, all the conditions are met, and the stores refuse to accept the goods back or do not return the money. Where to go and who can help? Protection of your rights is carried out in a judicial order. It should be noted that buyers of substandard goods are exempted from paying state duty for going to court. Attracting a lawyer, remember that in addition to compensation for low-quality goods and other expenses, you can easily count on compensation for non-pecuniary damage.

    There are often cases when stores initially do not want to take the goods back or the seller does not return the money, but upon seeing that you intend to apply or have already requested legal assistance and do not plan to abandon their claims, they are in a hurry to resolve the situation as soon as they realize that now they will have courts serious problems with the compensation of additional amounts and expenses.

    Alibi lawyers, understanding the details of consumer protection laws, will be able to help resolve the dispute in a pre-trial manner, draw up a statement of claim, if necessary, contact expert organizations to examine low-quality products.

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