Separate accounting services for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities

Separate accounting services for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities

Often, when a business is run, there are situations when a private entrepreneur or a company manager needs a one-time or sometimes even urgent service and the help of an accountant or a lawyer.

Sometimes this happens at the very beginning of activity when a lot of questions arise for beginners, doubts and simply due to lack of knowledge, and the accountant is completely absent, or unable to deal with everything and cope in due time

Other common cases are situations when, with an increase in business volumes, it is necessary to switch from a simplified taxation system to a common tax payment system or when the individual entrepreneur carries out activities not specified in the Unified State Register and in the Register of single tax payers, such incomes are taxed the rules established by the tax code for payers - individuals, hence the new nuances.

It also happens that accountants quit, go to other countries, are seriously ill, and reports must be prepared now and submitted on time.

Either they have insufficient experience on some accounting issues, or you want to exercise control over their activities.

And even when everything seems to be good: business is growing, other types of activity appear, newly formed firms, new problems arise when you or your accountant are not familiar with this area, and mastering something new is a loss of valuable time. forces, there is an increase in the scale of work with which to cope is not under force. All this can lead to errors and subsequently penalties.

Therefore, for your convenience, our company provides the opportunity, depending on the company's current tasks, to order not only full accounting support, but also one-time accounting services in Kharkiv, for example: drafting customer-defined documents, reports, and performing any operations. It can be a variety of accounting services from the simple delivery of the report of FOP to various changes in the LLC, from the registration of a new enterprise to its liquidation.

Here are some of the common services we provide:

  • • "Zero reporting";
  • • Completion, generation and submission of reports in electronic form;
  • • Lump sum payroll, vacation pay, sick leave;
  • • Receiving electronic keys or renewing their validity;
  • • Resolving issues with tax authorities and other government agencies;
  • • Verification with counterparties;
  • • Development of accounting and tax policies taking into account the specifics of your company;
  • • One-time execution of accounting and business documents;
  • • Payment of taxes, payments.

There may also be situations of a different kind. The client enters into a subscription service agreement with us which specifies a specific set and number of work performed for a certain price per month , but for the above reasons, this volume or type customer services have changed, perhaps one-time and only in the current month. In this case, by agreement of the parties, you can additionally order and pay for services rendered to above the base rate of subscription services, and later, if necessary, switch to the amount needed . Our company provides services in Kharkiv to both legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (FOP).

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