Lawyer and Lawyer Kharkiv, prices for services

Lawyer and Lawyer Kharkov, prices for services

Lawyer Kharkov, prices

Everyone, without exception, wants to get only quality legal services . In addition to having a huge legal experience and good practice in resolving cases, many are also interested in the financial side of the issue. The price of legal services is also an important indicator of the firm’s activities. If the company establishes the adequate prices, the client will understand much immediately. In most cases, he will give his choice to her. Lawyers and Lawyers in Kharkov, the prices of which differ significantly, can provide services in completely different fields. Note that the law company Alibi adheres to the policy of reasonable prices. We are well aware that people who decide to turn to a lawyer do not do it from a good life, and our employees live that difficult period of time with their client.

Prices in “Alibi” lawyer and attorney services are distinguished by their fairness and availability in many of the services we provide, the main part of the payment is made only for the result. Experts have extensive practical experience in a particular legal field. We include all existing legal mechanisms to effectively resolve the case.

Turning to us, you can be absolutely sure that the services of a lawyer in Kharkov and the price will not be overestimated. We do not use the cost change method in the process of work, hiding behind the difficulties or problems encountered. Our goal is not the monetary aspect above all, but the maximum assistance to the client with a positive result. If we provide a guarantee for our professional activities and the client pays for our services, we are fully committed to work for an excellent result.

Price for legal services


On our website you can see a detailed price list for various legal services. The prices for our services being finalized are final, however, we can provide discounts on certain types of cases, as well as to our regular customers. Depending on which service you choose, you can pay for it in various ways: fixed price, hourly rate, monthly payment (for subscription service). By agreement with the client, possible fee for a successful solution. We have an optimal price for the services of a lawyer in Kharkiv, so people with different financial capabilities can contact us and protect their rights. Legal advice, price which is on our website can be provided in both oral and written forms, and in Kharkov they may be rendered by visiting our office. For residents of other cities of Ukraine - by phone, written - by mail.

Should I save on legal services?

Getting the maximum amount of quality services at an affordable cost is the goal of each person. Legal services, the cost of which can be significantly overstated, are unlikely to be in demand among ordinary people. But it is also worth understanding that looking for frank benefits in this matter is a risky business, because a low price may indicate a low quality of the services provided. It is clear that sometimes the fate of a business or property depends on a lawyer and that the assistance of a lawyer is difficult to compare with the price of freedom. Therefore, in this matter, the savings do not always lead to a good result. Alibi legal company keeps a reasonable balance and seeks to provide excellent professional legal services in Kharkov and the prices for which will be pleasantly pleasing to everyone. We are fully aware of the price of mistakes in the performance of our duties, therefore we are strictly following the current legislation. We are confident in our abilities and will be able to convince you of this.

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