Lawyer in Kharkov

Who is a lawyer and how does he differ from a lawyer?

Practice often shows that people cannot understand who such a lawyer and lawyer is, what is their fundamental difference. Many do not see any difference in them and it is fully justified because for most of the legal problems arising in everyday life, a lawyer and a lawyer can also provide expert assistance in Kharkov. But there are differences in connection with which it will be difficult to navigate and contact the right specialist to protect their rights. The only thing that unites these two professions is the provision of legal assistance to a person and the protection of his interests. Otherwise, the specificity of the requirements for a lawyer distinguishes him from other professions in the legal sphere.

So, a lawyer is a specialist whose direct duties are to protect the rights and interests of both an individual and organizations in court. This profession involves the restoration of justice and the protection of the legal rights of their clients. A lawyer depends solely on the law, not on personal interests. The activity of a lawyer is regulated by law, in contrast to the same lawyer. As a consequence, to the first - the requirements are fixed, which it must meet. In order to carry out its activities, a lawyer needs only a legal education. The lawyer should receive a certificate to engage in the relevant activity. To obtain this document, a lawyer must have experience in the legal field, pass qualifying exams, undergo an internship, take the oath. As you can see, the requirements are quite serious.

Lawyer activity is regulated by regulatory legal acts, is endowed with certain rights and has duties, the fulfillment of which draws responsibility. In addition, a lawyer is endowed with such a powerful "tool" as lawyer's secret. This means that if you ask for help, all the information you have provided to your defender will be confidential. This is another distinguishing feature from a lawyer.

We draw your attention to the fact that the possibilities of advocacy are much wider than those of a lawyer. For example, in a criminal trial, only a lawyer can be an advocate. A change in the legislation of Ukraine suggests that from January 1, 2019 only lawyers will be able to represent individuals in the courts of first instance.

Lawyer Specialization

Lawyers in Ukraine and in particular Kharkov are divided into two main specializations:

    • • Criminal. This includes specialists who deal with murder, bodily harm, theft, etc. They clearly know the criminal law and all the nuances of the criminal process,
    • • Civil. Specialists in this field work in the economic, family, labor, land, and other areas.

There are lawyers in Kharkov, which further narrow the scope of their activities, for example, deal only with hereditary cases, alimony, divorce, etc.


Lawyer Kharkiv. Problem of choice

People are constantly faced with a difficult choice - they need a professional, responsible, knowledgeable of all the subtleties of the law, and preferably a reasonable attorney. And this difficult choice as a result will surely justify itself because a good lawyer in Kharkov is the key to the proper resolution of the dispute and the effective protection of the rights of citizens.

Alibi Law Firm offers attorney services (Kharkov, Kiev), which meets the following requirements:

      • • Professionalism. This is the main quality that a specialist in his field should possess. It depends on it the effectiveness and efficiency in the protection of human rights and freedoms. A good lawyer must foresee all the legal consequences in a particular case.
      • • Efficiency. Our specialists value the time of their clients, so they start providing legal assistance as quickly as possible. Timely provision of legal services is a guarantee of successful solution of the problem for the client.
      • • Work solely on the result. Agree that the process of implementation and the methods used are not important to anyone. In any case, the result is important. At the same time, it must be productive. Turning to our law firm, you can safely go about your business and not worry about the result of our work.
      • • Understanding the client. Communicating with our clients, we study the existing problem in detail and delve into all the details in order to solve even the most difficult task in favor of the client.
      • • Confidentiality. All information obtained during the work is not disclosed under any circumstances.

For any legal assistance, call or come to our office in Kharkiv.

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