Family lawyer Kharkiv

Family Lawyer Kharkiv

The specifics of the work of a family lawyer

Family lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in family law, has a certificate that gives the right to engage in their activities. He also has experience in this field. One of the biggest parts in the civil industry is family affairs. Such experts will help you solve problems that have arisen in the family: regarding adoption, divorce, establishing alimony, division of property and much more. The family lawyer, who is engaged in a narrow profile, is very popular not only in Kharkiv, but also in other regions of Ukraine, since according to statistics, about 20% of marriages fall apart every year. For example, in the city of Kharkov, out of more than 16,000 marriages concluded in 2016, 3034 broke up.

Quite often, people think that this specialist is only needed for divorces or property disputes. However, this is a misconception. His activities cover a wider range of issues. Family lawyer is very relevant to resolve conflicts in the pretrial order. If it was not possible to reach a consensus, the lawyer will carefully examine the situation, collect the necessary evidence, documents and find the right solution followed by upholding your interests in the Kharkov court.

Criteria for choosing a professional

If you need a specialist in resolving a dispute in a family, then when choosing it, you should pay attention to some features. These include:

• The presence of impressive experience and practice in resolving such disputes. The professional is quickly oriented towards the practice of a certain category of affairs in a particular locality, in particular, in Kharkov. Experience should be in the family industry. For example, a criminal lawyer is unlikely to be well versed in the family industry and vice versa.

• The positive results of work and people's trustful attitude tell about professional qualities.

• Payment options for services provided. This question is desirable to discuss when you first communicate with a specialist.

A good lawyer can be immediately recognized when you first communicate. He, undoubtedly, will attentively listen to the client, ask all the questions of importance to the process. This professional fully understands the essence of the problem, understands all the subtleties of the situation, the emotional state of people, calculates all sorts of actions a few steps forward to get a successful result in the end.

Alibi Law Firm represents the services of a family lawyer in Kharkov. In addition to the above qualities, our specialists are good psychologists who understand the importance and value of the social unit and the seriousness of the divorce process. This feature allows our specialists to fully understand the situation of the client, and thus effectively help in resolving a specific dispute.

5 facts about our activities

Before contacting us for the services of a family lawyer, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the facts about us:

• Specialists who have an invaluable practice of representation in court.

• Full compliance with the specialization.

• The win rate for family disputes is very high.

• No cost increase at work.

• Guaranteed clear fulfillment of all obligations, decency, efficiency, secrecy of information.

The priority of the work of Alibi Law Firm is a positive solution of the issue as soon as possible.

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