Lawyer for divorce Kharkov

Kharkiv Divorce Lawyer

Why is a lawyer necessary during a divorce?

Statistics conducted in recent years, says that 60-70% of marriages break up in the first 5 years of marriage, and every year about 20% of the number of prisoners per year falls apart and Kharkiv is no exception. Of course, the dissolution of marriage is a simple procedure. But this, if we are talking about a mutual divorce without the presence of children and joint property. Then everything is solved quickly through any regional RAGS Kharkov. In other cases that are provided for by law, the divorce process takes place in court.

So, a divorce lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in a narrow profile of family law, namely, divorce. This specialist may simply be necessary in cases where a person is in a difficult life situation and his family life is on the verge of destruction. Therefore, a lawyer will help you to make an adequate and correct decision in a certain situation. According to the current legislation of our state, a divorce in court is carried out in the presence of the following circumstances:

  • • Having minor children.
  • • Pregnancy of the wife.
  • • Section of property or any claims regarding joint ownership.
  • • Other circumstances.

Lawyer for divorce Kharkov

Is it possible to divorce without a lawyer?

Many are of the opinion that divorce is possible without the help of a lawyer. This opinion is a fallacy. A divorce without him is certainly possible, but it is with the participation of this specialist that a divorce can take place with the results you need. For example, many people have a question: how to divorce a spouse and keep your apartment or car? This problem is very common, because in most cases, each spouse claims to have more property than he owns. A lawyer on divorce law firm Alibi located in Kharkiv can contribute to the settlement of the division of joint ownership. We note a very important nuance that the court has the right to divide property in equal parts. Those. one of the spouses will get more, and the other less and guess what part will remain to everyone after the court decision, it is impossible. A good lawyer knows all the pitfalls in the division of property: provides evidence that will significantly affect the final decision. It is the adversarial principle in this situation that will help preserve the necessary part of it.

With whom are the children left after the divorce?

Of course, if the spouses came to a mutual agreement about who the children will live with, then there is no need to resolve this issue in court. But quite often, mother and father can not come to a common denominator. In this case, one should proceed from many factors that influence the final decision on the child’s living. This is:

  • • Child’s age.
  • • The degree of attachment to one or the other parent.
  • • Parents fulfill their immediate responsibilities.

There are many other circumstances that can affect a court decision. That’s what a divorce lawyer needs, who can foresee everything and calculate the possible risks.

Provision of legal services for divorce

If you decide to divorce, but do not know where to start and what to do next, the lawyers of the Alibi law company of the city of Kharkov are ready to come to your aid. Our lawyers have experience in litigation at divorce. All questions of interest regarding the further residence of the child, the division of property, alimony, etc. solved quickly and efficiently. The arguments in your defense will be provided professionally and convincingly, thanks to which the court will make the decision that will be acceptable for you. Contact us! . Kharkov, Teatralny lane, 4 (Business Center Poem), tel. 050-13-05-666, 067-13-05-666

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