What happens if you do not pay the loan?

It’s easy to get a loan, but before that you should consult a lawyer

Cash loan for an hour, without a certificate of income, and even at 0% per annum. Familiar? Such advertising dazzles subway cars, public transport stops and beautiful girls on TV offer to borrow money, because it is very fast and also easy. Most of you probably saw it and heard it more than once, but some heard it, while others succumbed to the temptation and still took credit for any needs or dreams. And dreams can be different: someone needs a few thousand hryvnia for a brand new smartphone, and some need a loan of several thousand dollars for a new car. And then they take even a mortgage. How to take it is understandable even to a simple man in the street.

And they take, succumbing to the temptation of owning a brand new and long-desired thing, but they don’t think about how they will give, or read the terms of the contract. Just sign up and get what they wanted.

But time passes and it is time to pay for the loan agreement with the bank. Well, if you have money and have something to pay. You can even pay the full amount of the debt with interest, but the situations in life are different and it is not always the borrower who subsequently receives money to pay the debt to the bank. Incomes can fall sharply, people lose their jobs, they reduce their positions and cut salaries, and often the conditions for obtaining a loan turn out to be initially fraudulent, enslaving and not fair or change over time (and this happens). In this case, there is nothing to pay. What do you ask? You can, of course, demand deferments, installments and restructuring from the bank. It will be the most correct option, just do not pay - not the best way out of this situation. No matter how you develop your relationship with the bank, it is always better to contact a lawyer or a lawyer at the initial stages, even before entering into various contracts and, moreover, mortgages, since legal advice in most cases will help avoid possible mistakes and problems in the future. Therefore, if you want to properly arrange a bank deposit, or take a loan, arrange a mortgage, pledge, guarantee, contact the lawyers of our company, and we will help to avoid trouble for you in the future. It’s better to foresee a problem than to solve it later, right?

“They took the money, and how you will give back to think?” - will be answered. What happens if you do not pay loans?

But if it suddenly happened that you took the loan, the time has come to give it away, but there is nothing to give and there are no installments or restructuring. The bank did not make concessions to you, filed a lawsuit and is now trying to forcibly collect debt and fines from you. And you have to face him in court for non-payment of the loan, a so-called credit or mortgage dispute arose. What to do? How to solve this problem? The “moment of reckoning” has come for a beautiful life in debt when it’s not able to cope with it for sure, because an entire army of lawyers specializing in such cases works in the banks and it is not the first or the last for them. And believe me, they will not leave you alone for many months or years until they take not only their money, but also interest with fines. And you can even come to court yourself to tell tearful stories (it may well be real) that there is nothing to pay the debt, you have three children, sick parents are being kept. But this does not help. “They took the money, but how will you give back? "- will answer. And they will add: “Not to pay is not an option! "

What should I do if the bank has already filed a lawsuit?

Nothing remains but to defend their interests in court. In such disputes, you will need the help of a qualified lawyer or a lawyer who is familiar with all the legal subtleties, laws and tricks (yes, yes - tricks, in the legal business all methods are good :)) of such disputes. A lawyer who can challenge the legality of both the conclusion of the contract itself and its conditions. Have you been sober? Were they aware when they concluded him? Were the terms of the loan agreement valid? And such questions to the representatives of the bank may arise a lot. To find out, there is even a judicial accounting and economic examination of the loan agreement, which can recognize the terms of the agreement as not fair and obviously fraudulent for the consumer. This process, of course, is not fast and can take months and years, but there is no other way out than paying the debt, interest, interest or returning the property on the mortgage!

If you summarize all of the above, then there are legal ways to avoid paying a lot of credit. Do not list all! And each case is individual and requires the study of documents. Call for an appointment and check out our prices . Do not waste time! We will definitely help!

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